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January 21, 2022


They could already see people queuing around the building as they approached. She’d been here many times but this was her first time DJ’ing there. She’d be in the side room, not the zero-g room. Zero was the only club in the district that had one. It looked like the inside of a 1950’s flying saucer.

The very centre of the round room had practically no gravity. As you moved away it got stronger until at the edges it was almost earth-like. It made for some wild forms of dancing as people bounced their bodies against the gradient, flipping cartwheels and spins. The best lo-g dancers would always show up.

There was still time for a quick detour to Chew Grill next door. She needed to eat so she could last the night. They took their seats and scanned the menus as her phone buzzed. “Oh cool, a new Purespace release.” A three-track EP by Joe Silva came into view. She ordered her food and slipped on her earbuds.

First track is “Approaching Zero.” Interesting coincidence! This one’s dark with a deep-tech vibe. Sine leads and bell like tones. Thin string pads here and there leading to some interesting chanting. Perfect starter track.

Second track, “Eligible Receiver.” Jazzy fifth chords repeating a pattern under swinging synth plucks and leading to a sweet build. Very sunny deep house vibes and super danceable. Keeper.

Last track, “Happens Rarely” has a chill-out feel to it. Slower tempo, broken beat with some bits of conversation under piano stabs, heavy bass and the occasional…vibraphone? Cool. I’ll add this to my lounge crate.

She wrapped up the rest of her food for later and tucked it in her bag. Outside the line was longer. The night air was fresh. She felt cheeky walking right to the front. The vibe seemed electric. She could tell it was going to be a very good night.

Artwork by Chris Mulligan Design

Purespace Recordings · PSRD037: Joe Silva – Approaching Zero EP

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