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December 10, 2021


The last moments of twilight were dissolving the aquamarine and purple hues into the inky blackness of night. She was gazing up at the sky, deciding if it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Beside her, she could overhear their conversation.

‘It’s not a drug, it’s a piece of nanotech that gets into your brain and activates certain key areas. When you’re on it you don’t feel aggression, you don’t feel hate, it’s like you’re a baby seeing the world for the first time. You just feel love and wonder. That’s why they call it FLAW. Everything is profoundly beautiful. Music is transcendental. And you can turn it on and off with the app but inside the dome it’s always on. They won’t let you in without it.’

A large crowd was already gathering at the closed gates of the dome. Soon they would open and a flood of bodies will enter, with her among them. She kills the time scrolling the line-up once again. Seven massive stages, 43 DJ’s over thirteen hours. This is going to be epic. Ping! ‘Oh cool, a new Purespace release.’ She sends it to her earbuds for a listen. It’s a new EP from Joe Silva.

Let’s see. First track ‘Crank it Up.’ Hmm, a deep house banger with old school vibes and some repeating guitar riff building to a breakdown. Very cool. I can use this. Skip next.

Second track is ‘Us Monkeys.’ Well that’s a strange title. Also on the deep house tip, but more laid back, with jazzy electric piano and some strange spoken word about monkeys in 1972. Hence the title. Okay I get it, hehe. Definitely will work as early set material. Skip.

Next is a deep-tech instrumental called ‘Rescue The Skies.’ This one’s a bit darker. Nice contrast. Also good for early sets. Wait, did I miss one?

Ah yes, track three. ‘Green Light.’ This one has a sunny house vibe to it. I’m hearing some catchy hooks and vocals. Nicely done. Should work well for my patio sets. This one’s my favourite.

The gates begin to open. Perfect timing. The crowd starts heading in. Earbuds off. The party is about to commence.

Mastered by Colin Russell
Artwork by Chris Mulligan Design

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