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January 3, 2015


Canadian duo Joe Silva and Ali Khan, together known as Tonepushers kick off the label with a five track EP. Individually the two have released on labels like
Stickman, Viva!, Cocoon, and Fabric London, growing as international forces to be reckoned with and developing their own live performance styles to present
their respective bodies of work. Branching off into other areas of writing, Khan’s ethereal and ambient sensibilities have also made for successful forays into
video game soundtracking.

Combined, Tonepushers blend funky tech house with atmospheric techno, nomadically exploring a twisted tech-house terrain. Since 2004 the long-standing
producers have mixed and matched their abilities, uniquely tailoring their live sets together with lush presentations across the energy spectrum. The result of
their chemistry is front and center on the World Reboot EP, a collection which can’t seem to hide from either of its parts. Each cut sees deep, immersive
soundscapes laid over a groove-oriented backbone, likely to leave dance floors wandering between space and time in both body and mind.

Here’s what people are saying:

“Fossils is hauntingly pretty. Bravo!” -Marc dB / Iron Horse (Die Trying Records / Pawn Shop Records)

“Fossils is really good !! Feeling This Joint !!” -Chris Udoh (Tigerhook / Escapism monthly radio show (DE Radio))

“Great to see the label back again, quality music from Tonepushers” -Nick Warren (Hope Recordings / Way Out West / Renaissance)

“New York is a killer!” -Frank McWeeny (D.I.Y. Radio / French Radio London / Shoreditch Radio)

“Excellent EP! The best promo I’ve received in a long time. All Quality” -Greg Eversoul (Elektek, Evasive, Tenampa, Mono Stereo)


Tonepushers World Reboot EP is now available at all fine music outlets, including our own Purespace Store.

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