• PSRD034-Entangled-Ice-EP-480
September 11, 2021


Her eyes trace the animated text of course notes on the ceiling, her preferred way of studying, as she stretches out on her retro blue, well proportioned sofa bed. She watches Deek’s lips as he reads. ‘Entangled ice, used primarily as a nano de-coherent in Hilbert quantum computers, is formed when nitrogen is flash frozen in the presence of xenon and gallium.’

‘Omg this is soooo boring!! As if we’ll ever need this in real life.’ ‘Ding!’ ‘Oh cool, a new Purespace release. Let’s see, looks like a new three-tracker from Joe Silva.’

First track ‘Fifth of Fourth.’ Hmmm, must be a typo. Kinda melancholy and pensive techno. Plucky lead riff with some nice sonic surprises. Good starter track.

Next is ‘Falling.’ A slower, downtempo vibe. Nice stabby pads. I like the chord progression. File this under lounge / background.

Last is ‘Some Rhodes Never End.’ Hmm, whole different feel on this one. I like the swinging beat. Lots of jazzy electric piano. Totally danceable. Laced with unexpected male choir stabs and a killer main hook. This would be good for running.

‘Let’s get back to it. Almost done this chapter.’ Deek says. She grabs Burny’s stuffed whale toy, chewed almost beyond recognition, and hurls it at him.

‘Please proceed’ she smiles. He continues, ‘Entangled ice is currently produced only off-planet where ambient temperatures are …’

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