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August 6, 2021


There’s nothing like the elevator parties out of Spain. A week long rave before three days dreamtime with the receding planet earth as backdrop. World’s best loji dancers in effect. All vying for a coveted hab gig on Luna.

Luna. Where my Neils is. Less than two hours now till I’m with you. He still hasn’t liked my tik post. Must be busy. “Ping”. Oh cool, a new Purespace release. “Can’t Hold Back” with Pucona on vox. Another Joe Silva jam. This is definitely a funky house banger. Pushing 130 bpm – perfect for lo grav – and living up to it’s title. Lots of build up and horns it seems. Vocals are dope. Hands in the air inducing. Sweetness.

Complimenting nicely is a classic DJ Freestyle (Guesthouse, Integrity, Grab) remix. Feeling that old school vibe done just right. Crisp hats and an understated but masterful production style. Smokin’ beats. This should work nicely for both early and late night lounge vibes. Can’t wait to try these out.

Looks like Freestyle does the mastering on both. Dude’s a pro. Sounding tight. And another kick ass artwork design by Chris Mulligan.

Oooh, a new message from Neils… Wait, what!?! YESSS!! Two tickets acquired for Burning Moon!!! See you in Space!

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