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June 4, 2021


Where is he? He’s late again. Probably caught in traffic. Why can’t he leave on time? I’ll just order another moon tart. ‘Ting!’ What’s this? Oh cool, a new Purespace release. Lemme check this out. First track, ‘Late For Lunch’. Okay. Joe Silva playing some spooky flute sounds over a deep jazzy house groove. This’ll kill some time.

Next a remix of the above by Andrew Duke (Van Czar Series, Nice & Nasty, Colour and Pitch). Hmm, bouncy house beats with buzzy 80’s funk bass and what sounds like an approaching steam locomotive. I can get into this.

Another remix, this time by GabeReality. Never heard of him. Must be new. Harder sound on this one. Going for that deep-tech vibe I guess. They take that loopy flute sound and mash it nicely around some dark drops and builds. Hypnotic and darker. Keeper for sure.

Last track ‘Returning Soon’ is back on the deep house vibe. Crunched vocal snips playing off a main vocoded vocal riff that I can’t quite make out. No flute, but seems interspersed with occasional guitar or ukulele plucks, I can’t decide which. Pretty dubby overall. I’ll have to listen again.

And there he is, finally. Ten minutes late. “I’m over here!” Mmm, moon tarts.

Purespace Recordings ยท PSRD031: Joe Silva – Late For Lunch

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